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Key Developmental Milestones

Strategies for Assessment


Developmental Mile stones


Developmental milestones are behaviors or abilities that children typically acquire by a certain age. These milestones provide a framework for understanding a child’s development and can be used to identify areas where a child may need additional support. As a parent or caregiver, it is important to monitor a child’s developmental milestones to ensure that they are meeting their age-appropriate goals.

Child early milestones

Key Developmental Milestones:

There are key milestones that parents and teachers should monitor in early childhood. These milestones include:

Physical development: this includes gross motor skills, such as crawling, walking, and running, as well as fine motor skills, such as grasping objects and drawing.

Cognitive development: this encompasses a child’s ability to think, reason, and solve problems. It also includes language development, such as the ability to understand and use words.

Social and emotional development: this comprises a child’s ability to form relationships with others, regulate their emotions, and express themselves.

Strategies for Assessment:

Assessing developmental milestones can be done through several strategies. These include:

  • Observation: watching a child play and interact with others can provide valuable insights into their development. Parents and caregivers should observe a child’s behavior, communication, and interactions with others to identify areas of strength and weakness.
  • Developmental screening: developmental screening involves a short test or questionnaire that assesses a child’s development. This can be done by a pediatrician, child development specialist, or other healthcare provider.
  • Formal assessments: formal assessments are more in-depth evaluations that may be recommended if a child is identified as at-risk for developmental delays or disabilities. These assessments may include standardised tests, observations, and interviews.
Key Milestones in Early Childhood


By monitoring a child’s development and providing appropriate support and interventions, parents and teachers can help children reach their full potential. Refer to our bog Cognitive Development In Early Childhood to know about the cognitive indicators for your child. 

You may also reach out to us and benefit from our expertise in early childhood education.

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