Who we are?

A team of passionate Educationalist, India’s No. 1 Ed-Tech with a futuristic view for education.

Why are we here?

To introduce a revolutionary concept that makes schools reach their goals smartly.

What do we offer?

We bring together an all-incl package that takes care of all your schooling needs.

1. Fighting the sense of being unprepared.

2. Lack of time to plan educational outings.

3. Moving from parent to teacher and back.

Do you recognize yourself in any of these?

4. Preparing daily lesson plans for years.

5. Indecisive about the right teaching materials.

6. There's no experts support.

With Caprics​

you can say goodbye to all the above. What’s more, your students will learn more than ever with instructors that u can trust with advanced training and teaching skills with our innovative educational curriculum by Nurture Lab, a system aligned with NEP guidelines.

What this means and how we're different:​


Founders of Caprics Learning Lab

Mr. Sankara & Mrs. Veena Sundaramurthy

Our journey began with a vision, a vision to redefine how learning takes place. The founders of Caprics Learning Lab, Sankara K, alumni of BITS Pilani and Veena Sundaramurthy, alumni of IIM-C envisioned a space where education goes beyond traditional boundaries, where students are not just recipients of information but active participants in their own intellectual growth.

Their combined expertise in Curriculum development and technology, and their passion for education laid the foundation for what Caprics stands for today.

Mr. Sankara & Mrs. Veena Sundaramurthy

Our Superstar Team

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