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Curriculum for next-gen children

Make your School stand out with CAPRICS!

Confused about which pedagogy to adapt for teaching? ​

Caprics is an overall package for anyone looking out for a curriculum that nourishes the Holistic development in the child.

Worried about the exuberant cost incurred for training teachers?

Caprics provides free training to teachers on,

for those taking up our curriculum.

Searching for International standard study materials for children?

Unable to deliver uniform standards across classes or branches?

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Highlights Of Nurture Lab

Our curriculum provides strong foundations for all round development and continuous learning.

Yearlong support

We provide year-round support for any/ all of your queries that you may have with respect to our curriculum.

Digitalized curriculum

Our curriculum is available in both mobile and web applications that can be utilized by parents, teachers, and management.

Teacher training with certificate

Advance your skills and become proficient in teaching with our exclusive Caprics Teacher Training Academy

Systematic assessment

Each term, we plan and conduct formative and summative assessments which help monitor the child’s progress at ease.

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