Caprics Teacher
Training Academy​

CTTA was founded with the sole purpose of providing world-class training to new as well as old teachers and helping them enhance their skills & talents holistically. 

Our teacher training academy offers two different programs for young learners to choose from.

  1. Caprics EducateMe Program
  2. Caprics SEN Program

Caprics EducateMe Program


Caprics EducateMe Program

Put together by some of the finest experts in the field of Early Childhood Education (ECE), our program offers - Caprics Trainings for Toddlers & Discoverers, Caprics Curriculum Training for Toddlers, and Caprics Curriculum Training for Discoverers.
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Caprics SEN Program


Caprics SEN Program

Our special needs teacher training courses are developed by licensed practitioners with years of experience in teaching and counselling students with special needs. Choose the one that best suits your needs and kick start your career in Special Education!<
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Benefits Of Studying In Caprics Teacher Training academy

Great Career Opportunities

Recognized Certification Courses

School Training Programs

Early Childhood Educators

Self-paced Learning


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Caprics’ smooth operations are underpinned by a strong heart and passion for making early education better.

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