When it comes to learning and teaching, we must never lose sight of how easily children and teachers alike can get bored in the classroom. Children come in different personalities. We need to help students develop the qualities, from the toddler phase.  This starts with early learning. 

Child – Every child needs patience, understanding, empathy for themselves or others, discipline and determination when pursuing goals set by the educator.  

Teacher – The teacher’s role is not always easy but if they know what makes each individual tick then they will have an advantage with our Nurture lab Web / Mobile app, assessment journals along with different teaching materials and classroom aids.

Choose a curriculum that focuses on both Children and Teachers.  Give what’s best for both in Early Childhood Education.  

Nurture lab is a complete bundle for anyone looking for a curriculum that promotes a child’s holistic development. Caprics believes in a child-centred curriculum that is Activity-based.

Each child, teacher, and parent may expect something different.

The goal is to provide children with a unique, entertaining, and engaging curriculum that encourages involvement. Weekly theme-based craft activities to keep children occupied and motivated to accomplish more, as well as confidence in creativity and imaginative development. Rhyme books and narrative books go hand in hand in establishing moral values in children from a young age. This improves their inventive skills and readability.

Teachers are given access to tools to properly convey information, easing the burden on them in terms of developing classroom aids. They can concentrate on presenting the curriculum’s content.

Parents receive monthly curriculum updates on their children’s academic development to keep track of their growth.

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