It has become common for parents to subscribe to learning apps and enroll their children in after-school classes. The entire education mechanism is geared towards creating students equipped with success skills so that they can excel academically and later on, professionally. An ICME Survey  revealed that 12-13 per cent of students in India suffer from psychological, emotional and behavioural conditions. And the number is growing due to a lack of life skills among them.

Success skills vs Life skills

Success skills are just what they sound like: the skills and abilities generally necessary for achieving success: quantitative and analytical abilities, and critical thinking, among others.

Life skills include any skills acquired after learning or experience that will enable you to handle the daily issues that you will encounter in life. They include your emotional intelligence and social skills: coping with stress, interpersonal skills, creative thinking, and decision-making.

Life skills are ignored in the current education system. Therefore, we have children unable to deal with stress and fostering strong relationships.  

Child success skills

How to balance Success Skills and Life Skills development?

A few tips that will empower parents and teachers to assist children in the growth of valuable skills.

·        Accept that academic score isn’t everything – Before a child is made to realise this, it is up to the teachers and parents to accept this vital truth and mould the child accordingly.

·        Develop creativity and latent talents – While focussing on studies, figure out the child’s inherent abilities. This boosts their self-confidence and pushes them to be communicative and develop interpersonal skills.

·        Promote life skills – By having frequent discussions with them about life, career and personal development goals, you encourage them to develop their life skills. Include them in the decision-making process, encourage them to be emphatic, stress the value of self-control.


Academic success should go hand-in-hand with life skills development. A responsible and emotionally secure individual can cope well with the challenges of life. And that is the ultimate goal of raising a child, isn’t it?

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