Caprics is committed to develop excellence among students and teachers. We create a stimulating environment for all participants in the learning process.

How to bring the revolutionary changes occurring in education to the classrooms and implement them effectively? Such a question challenged the founder of Caprics Learning Lab, Veena Sundaramurthy and its MD, Sankara K. Caprics Learning Lab was created as an answer to this question. And, since then it has set benchmarks in pre-primary curriculum creation and implementation.

What is Caprics’s Vision?

 The focus of each aspect of the Caprics’s pedagogy is the holistic development of the child; from motor skills to analytical abilities. The basis of the Caprics Learning Lab’s work is not just to develop 21st century skills but also to sharpen them among the pre-KG age group. Caprics is committed to strengthening the smooth transition from early childhood to the K-12 education system. Aligning curriculum, coordinating goals of pedagogies, training teachers, creating resources and building teacher-students engagement is its mission.

Caprics is proud of its vision of:

  • creating early childhood classroom assessment tools
  • formulating innovative early literacy assessments
  • supporting parent/teacher and child interactions
  • successfully integrating health and wellness programs with learning
  • encouraging parent engagement in early childhood professional development

 The goal is to advance the educational planning and design instructional assets. They are to aid the parents and the educators to meet each youngster’s learning needs and lay a strong foundation for their future education.

Caprcis has already started creating milestones. The Nuture Lab app was recently launched, which is a one-stop solution for all educational needs of an institution. Nuture Lab app is a revolutionary curriculum planner application offering educational development tools, resources for students and teachers, among others. It also equips the school with a management interface to facilitate tracking of the all-round development of teachers and students.           

With the backing of Kayo International, the Caprics Learning Lab has been able to cement its resolve to re-defining the education system in the early childhood segment. Its efforts were recognised and awarded the Best Pre-Primary Curriculum in Brainfeed’s 9th National Conference.


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