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Strategies for Parental Involvement


Parental Involvement in Early Childhood


Parental involvement in early childhood, i.e the formative years of the child expects a parent’s involvement on many levels, and education happens to be a pivotal level.


The early phase of a child’s life is crucial for their development and learning.


Research has shown that children do better in different aspects of their lives when there is parental involvement in their education. 

Furthermore, children whose parents are involved in their early education are more likely to have higher self-esteem, better social skills, and more emotionally stable.

Strategies for Parental Involvement

With parents getting busier by the day, it is a serious concern among educators about how to advise parents to improve their participation in their child’s education. Caprics’s experts mention the following ways to help you:


1.   Home-based learning: go through the tasks the child has done in school at home as well. Sing rhymes with them, and show them letters and numbers. It helps in reinforcing knowledge and builds communication between you two.

2.   Read to your child: as it develops language skills in your child. Point out words and visuals to keep the child engaged. Word recognition improves, and the brain starts forming sentence structures.

3.   Attend reach-out programs: parent-teacher conferences, and volunteering in schools provide an opportunity for parents to meet with their child’s teacher, discuss their child’s progress, and identify areas where additional support may be needed.

4.   Set educational goals: Work with your child to set educational goals and track their progress towards achieving them. Patiently put across what the child has to do every day. It can include playing with blocks and calling out their colour names.

Tips for parental involvement


A child feels secure when the family is involved in the learning process. The start of the academic journey can be confusing and overwhelming for your child. 

Your involvement in preschool education will give you indicators of your child’s learning abilities. You can identify their learning needs and cater to them in time. 

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