The cognitive development stages are not strictly set. Educational experts, after studying children across the different ages and stages have come up with certain criteria of what can be accepted as “normal.” Through such parameters, cognitive impairments can be detected early and steps can be taken to help children.

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Cognitive Development Milestones in Early Childhood

Cognitive Development Milestones in Early Childhood

Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget proposed the theory of cognitive development. According to Piaget, we can learn as much about a child’s intellectual development from incorrect answers as we can from their correct answers.

Development Milestones to be achieved till Age 5:

  • Able to count objects till a certain number.
  • Name a few colours.
  • Communicate and express thoughts in sentences.
  • Understand items used every day like food.
  • Draw geometric shapes like circle, triangle.
  • Comprehend the concept of time.
  • Recognise own name.
  • Print or attempt to write letters and numbers.

How to support Cognitive Development?

A number of factors influence cognitive development among children. Parents and teachers have to identify them and use them to ensure a child’s progress.

Conducive Environment: A child’s environment affects cognitive growth. Learning opportunities have to be created to support development. Parents and teachers can assist the child in identifying and understanding the right stimuli from the surroundings. One can do this through story-telling, rhymes, planning field trips, etc.

Communication: Language development is boosted by communication. Keeping children constantly engaged through words and sentences and encouraging them to interact socially improves their memory and attention span too.

Experiential Learning: Planned hands on tasks develop sensory perception in pre-schoolers. Teachers and parents should enhance critical thinking and decision making by making the children actively participate in such tasks. 


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